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We define the "WHY" that provides the reasons behind the work

BID - Business & Individual Development  has the resources to assist your organization by providing Agile Program Management solutions. Our team of experts are always ready to: 


  • Collaborate to provide results that equal success across the organization

  • Customize processes

  • Structure framework that is designed to scale


Discover your organization’s most successful initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clear visual into the value being delivered.   

What sets BID apart from the competition?

We provide a proven system, backed by industry experts, to ensure the successful implementation of new technologies and transformational strategies. Experienced and Certified Staff. Excellent past performance and proven customer satisfaction.


➢ Real Time Acquisition, Analysis and Control

➢ COST EFFECTIVE for both Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations

➢ Agile Process Execution

➢ Stakeholder and Vendor Impact Analysis

➢ Team of Experts in multiple industries

➢ Diversity Forward Consulting #biddevelops

Five different colored face silhouette cut outs hanging from a clothesline with the letters A G I L E printed on them from left to right

Our team of experts are well versed in multiple industries. Our consultants are Agile Certified experts gaining you the highest value on your projects.

The BID Solution

Our experts are available to educate and partner with all teams to create a successful and a healthy solution. 

Words printed on puzzle pieces representing what "Agile" stands for. Pieces respectively labeled as such: "Retreospective" "Sprint" "Product Owner" "Iteration" "Backlog" "Development Team" "Velocity" "Daily Standup" "Storypoint" "Review"
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