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BID – Business & Individual Development – is a nationally certified Women's Business Enterprise located in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializing in capacity building to drive growth.


As a Scaled Agile Partner, we enable, simplify, and deliver your enterprise's agility journey to help you scale quality results faster and measure what matters to your customers with our transparent strategies, real-time automation, and efficiency solutions across your organization. We guide our customers to help develop an agile mindset while maintaining a customer-centric approach.


BID is an agile consulting service dedicated to helping businesses and individuals reach their full potential. Our experienced consultants provide strategic and creative solutions to the most complex challenges. We are customer-centric, and our focus is on helping our clients develop and implement solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.


BID consultants work closely with organizations to identify areas for improvement while developing customized strategies to drive growth, enhance productivity, and maximize profitability.

It's simple, we Get It Done and Have Fun While Doing It!

Collaborating at Work


 As a leader in technology consulting, BID – Business & Individual Development specializes in delivering a proven efficient and flexible business agility approach that drives projects to success within budget and on-time completion. 

We assist our clients in becoming more Customer Centric and understanding that Agile is a necessity not a nice to have when adapting to the needs of your customer. We create an agile mindset. Most people use Agile to become more efficient. We help our customers to be efficient and build Customer Centricity. Agility is the best way we serve our customers because in today's world, customers are in a constant state of motion. There's a lot of changing for both our clients and their customers. We assist our clients with acknowledging and understanding that becoming more Customer Centric and flexible in how they deliver work results in providing more agility to their customers.

We take time to listen to your goals and develop an implementation plan that works for your team and organization.



We specialize in providing agile coaching, training, and consulting services that help organizations leverage their resources and maximize their potential. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive strategy review or just need guidance on a particular project, our team is here to help you.

We provide a customized automated system along with industry experts that drive creativity and effective communication streamlining strategic alignment and collaboration within your team. Deploy, Integrate, and Scale your organization without outgrowing your technology – or your wallet – with affordable, quick-start solutions for medium to large management projects.

You need a partner with a deep understanding of your business and how to create and sustain business agility as well as the technology expertise to help you drive efficiencies, improve performance and maximize the return on each project being delivered. BID brings real-time automation and efficiency across your entire organization.  #biddevelops

Just Some Of The Problems We Help To Solve

BID Agile Consultants

Project Capacity Planning and Management

BID provides a systematic project tracking service that allows teams to efficiently deliver work in a fixed period of time. When teams are able to visualize their work between multiple cross-functional teams, allocation for resources are more accurate. Our clients are able to show better accuracy in future project capacity planning and resource management.

Complex Project Dependencies

Managing complex dependencies, risks, and other conflicts across many teams  can sometimes become ambiguous. We work with small to large teams to streamline, implement, and execute initiatives in a complex and iterative environment bringing sustainability to the project.  

Cadences and Delivery

We review how your team plans and operates for a successful Agile Transformation. This can sometimes include re-structuring the planning practices to provide the needed support for the team. We help teams streamline and deliver on the the same increment schedule. Our structure allows teams to be synchronized while learning the value of  Program Increments (PI), meaning delivering in  eight- to twelve-weeks in length and delivering in Sprints. Sprints are short-term deliveries that last two weeks helping to maximize focus and flexibility. 

Aligning Work and Project Scope

BID consultants are experts in aligning the project's work and strategic scope items across cross-functional teams. Our experts review the project's goal holistically to ensure goals are being achieved. Such as, "What is the team trying to accomplish?" and "How do we measure and track requirements?"

Some strategies include:

  • Reviewing project dependencies

  • Aligning project deliverable schedules 

  • Managing risk and project conflicts 

Limited Project Resources

Short- to Long-Term - BID resources are available to assist your team with project needs!

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