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BID is committed to helping our customers achieve success. BID offers a diverse range of highly sought-after certifications, designed to enhance professional credentials and advance careers in various agile, leadership and digital practices. These certifications are designed for professionals looking to elevate their careers to the next level or companies looking to transform their organizations. By providing practical knowledge and recognized credentials, BID helps individuals make a significant impact in their fields and reach new heights in their careers

Our training includes:

  • Certification Training and Coaching: Equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your field.

  • Cross-Industry Implementation and Consulting: Tailored implementation strategies across various industries, disciplines, and teams to enhance your organizational effectiveness.

  • Technology Platform Implementation: Our technology platforms are expertly designed to streamline processes through automation, enhance operational visibility, and catalyze substantial business transformation.

Explore Our Range of Available Training & Certifications

Our trainings & certifications are ideal whether you're beginning your professional journey or seeking to advance your career. We want you to gain your utmost potential with our industry-leading certifications in Agile, Leadership, Marketing, Human Resources, AI Development-NON Cert and Workforce Development Training. 


Agile Certifications 

Our Agile certifications are meticulously designed to equip working professionals with the foundational knowledge and advanced skills necessary to effectively implement Agile methodologies and drive innovation and efficiency within their organizations.

Includes, but not limited to: Scrum/Agile/SAFe Certifications


Human Resource Certifications 

In our dynamic and practical Human Resource Certifications course, you'll learn how Agile methodologies can create more stable, responsive, and successful organizations within the human resource environment.

Leadership Presentation

Leadership Certifications 

Learn to LEAD UP 💡. Our Leadership Certifications provide training in essential skills highly valued by employers, including effective communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and distinguishing between managing and leading.

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AI Development -NON Cert

The AI Development NON-Certification course embarks on the transformative potential of AI across sectors like healthcare and education, offering an introductory guide through three simple steps: learning AI basics, employing AI tools, and enhancing human capabilities to solve complex challenges.

Sharing Ideas

Marketing Certifications 

Our Marketing Certifications blend hands-on activities, introspection, and guided exercises, enabling marketing teams to apply Agile practices to real-world scenarios, building collective muscle-memory and alignment within their functional area.

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Workforce Development Training 

We leverage our expertise in agile methodologies and digital integration to support organizations in enhancing workforce capabilities through customized training programs and agile practice implementation. Our services range from designing tailored training that aligns with strategic objectives, to facilitating digital transformation and continuous learning, thereby fostering a flexible, responsive, and continuously evolving workforce.

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