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Becoming Agile empowers teams throughout organizations to become aligned, show accountability and transparency. Agile provides a method for teams to communicate and collaborate! 

 Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment.

- Agile Alliance  


Cultivate effective leadership skills and foster a culture of innovation and excellence. BID assists organizations, teams, and individuals adopting agile practices and methods while embedding agile values and mindsets.


BID SAFe® Practice Consultants (SPCs) are certified change agents who combine their technical knowledge of SAFe® with an intrinsic motivation to improve our customer’s software, systems, and Agile business processes.


Our APMs help to The Lean-Agile Mindset is the combination of beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and actions of SAFe® leaders and practitioners who embrace the concepts of Lean Thinking and the Agile Manifesto.


BID assists clients with transitioning their entire organization to a nimble, reactive approach based on agile principles.

BID SAFe Certification Training
BID Team of Professional Agile Consultants
  • Can BID's leadership coaching support change management within my organization?
    Absolutely. Our leadership coaching courses equips leaders with the strategies and mindset needed to lead teams through transitions smoothly. It fosters adaptability and resilience, essential qualities for managing organizational change effectively and ensuring continuous progress amidst shifting business landscapes.
  • What is Agile?
    Agile lets teams offer value more quickly and with fewer difficulties through an iterative approach to project management and software development. An agile team produces work in manageable, small-scale increments rather than staking all on a "large" launch. Teams have a built-in mechanism for quickly adjusting to change since requirements, plans, and results are regularly evaluated.
  • How can leadership coaching benefit my team and organization?
    BID's Leadership coaching indirectly boosts team morale, productivity, and performance by improving leaders' skills in motivating and guiding their teams. We help to create a positive work environment, encouraging continuous learning and development, which in turn enhances organizational performance and success.
  • How does the BID assist with leadership coaching?
    BID offers tailored leadership coaching programs designed to meet the unique needs of business leaders. We provide access to experienced coaches and resources, facilitating a comprehensive development process that addresses both professional and personal growth objectives.
  • What are the 4 principles of Agile?
    The four core values of Agile software development as stated by the Agile Manifesto are: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Responding to change over following a plan.
  • How can attending BID's leadership coaching improve my decision-making?
    Our course is customized for leaders learn to consider various perspectives and employ critical thinking, leading to more innovative and successful solutions. It encourages a strategic approach to problem-solving, enhancing the leader's ability to make informed, effective decisions.
  • What are some of the roles usually on an Agile Team?
    Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developers
  • Can I expect to see immediate changes in my leadership style?
    While immediate change is subjective, many participants report a significant shift in their perspective and approach to leadership right after the class, with continued growth over time.
  • Are there different frameworks used?
    Yes . Here are some below: Scrum - Scrum is an Agile framework where teams can address collaborative challenges to accelerate product development and delivery. A Scrum Master works with a product owner and developers. The five key values of Scrum are commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)- SAFe is an Agile framework that promotes alignment, collaboration, and delivery across large numbers of agile teams. It was formed around three primary bodies of knowledge: agile software development, lean product development, and systems thinking. Extreme Programing (XP)- Emphasizes teamwork, communication, and feedback. It focuses on constant development and customer satisfaction. Similar to scrum, this method also uses sprints or short development cycles. This is developed by a team to create a productive and highly efficient environment. Kanban- Kanban is a popular framework used to implement agile and DevOps software development. It requires real-time communication of capacity and full transparency of work.
  • Is Agile only used within IT?
    No! Agile should be used across the entire organization not just IT. In order for an organization to scale and have success teams must be able to work together cross-functionally . Agility is the best way to serve your customer. In order to do so teams must be able to have an agile mindset and ready to surprise and fulfill their customers needs. This is done by implementing an agile across the entire organization.
  • We don't need a team of coaches. Can BID provide one coach to our team?
    Yes. The great part about Agile is its not out of the box. It's customized to fit your team. Whether your company needs one or ten agile coaches we can help.
  • Does BID only provide Agile Coaches?
    No! BID is more than just Agile coaching; we're a comprehensive Tech Solutions & Digital Integration Hub. Our diverse team includes Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers, and Project Managers, as well as specialized Enterprise and Team Agile Coaches, all experts in their domains. Additionally, we provide top-tier Digital Platform Integration services and tech solutions tailored for both Run the Business (RTB) and Change the Business (CTB) needs.
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