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BID distinguishes itself by employing 'Run the Business' (RTB) and 'Change the Business' (CTB) techniques to craft and execute strategy plans that resonate with your overarching business objectives.

Our dedicated team of strategists and planners work hand in hand with clients to tailor a strategic roadmap that respects and reflects their unique needs and circumstances. This collaborative process ensures that every strategic plan is not only ambitious in its vision but also grounded in the practical realities of our clients' businesses. Contact Us to learn more about how to ensure operational continuity with RTB and drive future success with CTB strategies.

BID Strategic planning
BID Organizational Change Management


We navigate the complexities of organizational change, particularly in the realm of technology. Our expertise in Platform Integrations is pivotal in this journey. With a keen focus on systems like Jira, Planview, Salesforce, Smartsheet, and Azure DevOps, we facilitate seamless transitions that align with your business's evolving needs.

Our team of specialists tailors the change management process to YOUR TEAM, ensuring your workforce not only adapts to new technologies but also excels in using them. We provide comprehensive support, from initial strategy to final implementation, empowering your teams to leverage these tools for optimal performance.


  • Business Agility Assessment

  • The Team and Technical Agility

  • Agile Product Development Assessment

  • Lean Portfolio Management Assessment

  • Enterprise Solution Delivery Assessment

  • Organizational Agility Assessment

  • Lean Agile Leadership Assessment

BID Agility Assesement

Our team helps you to gain a detailed insight into the lifecycle of your products and projects using Agile practices & ensure efficient and timely delivery.

Contact BID today to begin your Agility assessment!

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